One link for all your crypto addresses

Get paid in crypto using one link.

Your own custom link

Get your own link. Add it to your YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, or any social media site that has your friends or fans.

Get amount specific link

If you would like to receive a specific amount, say $210, then add it after your username (Example:

Fiat to Crypto Auto

The custom amount link will automatically convert fiat money to crypto. (Example:, It will automatically convert $500 to BTC/ETH/etc.)


Some not so frequently asked questions.

It's all in one link for all your crypto addresses. You can send your CryptoPe link to receive crypto payments.

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We do not ask you for your private or public keys, so there is no issue of security.

It is helpful for you if you are a creator or any person who accepts crypto payments regularly and want to accept crypto.

CryptoPe is free. We have premium plans for custom 1,2 and 3 letter links. Contact us to get your own premium link.

Lets say you want to accept $100 fiat money from someone then you can append 100 to your link directly. Example: It will automatically convert fiat money to crypto.

You can send your cryptope link to the user and they can copy your crypto address and send you crypto.

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